Empower Her Wellness Program

Transform Your Health and Embrace Vitality with Personalized Holistic Wellness Coaching

Does this sound like you?

Are you tired of battling fatigue, restless nights, and unpredictable mood swings? Our personalized approach is tailored to address your specific concerns and empower you to reclaim your vitality, ensuring you feel heard and supported every step of the way. Whether you're experiencing decreased energy levels, struggling with weight management, or feeling discouraged by vague symptoms, our holistic solutions are designed to support your journey to thriving. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a life filled with more energy, clarity, and optimal wellness.

What you really want is...

To accomplish their transformation, our ideal clients need personalized support, guidance, and empowerment. They require access to comprehensive assessments and insights to identify underlying health imbalances. Education and resources are essential for understanding the importance of holistic practices and lifestyle modifications. Additionally, ongoing communication and support from a trusted provider are vital for accountability and motivation throughout their journey. By addressing both physical and emotional aspects of their well-being, they can cultivate resilience and make sustainable changes towards lasting transformation.

You wish you had...

A dedicated provider to guide you through this transformative journey or a professional, compassionate provider who not only understands your health struggles but listens to your concerns without judgment? With Functional Health Partners, envision feeling less alone and more empowered to make positive changes. Through personalized guidance and holistic support, we're committed to helping you achieve your optimal health goals. Together, we'll create a plan for you to address your health concerns, celebrate victories, and support you while you’re the way towards your vibrant well-being.

Introducing Empower Her Wellness

This comprehensive program offered by Functional Health Partners is designed to address the diverse needs of high-achieving women facing health challenges. Through personalized coaching, participants receive tailored support to navigate symptoms such as decreased energy, poor sleep, mood fluctuations, digestive issues, and more. Our holistic approach includes comprehensive assessments, functional health reports, and education on optimal food choices, stress reduction, lifestyle modifications, and more. By providing compassionate guidance and empowering clients to take control of their health, Empower Her Wellness offers a solution to the isolation and frustration often experienced when facing health challenges alone. With Functional Health Partners, women can feel supported, heard, and empowered as they embark on their journey towards their optimal wellness.

The Transformation You Want

Increased Energy

Experience increased, sustained energy levels to tackle daily tasks with more ease.

Better Sleep

Enjoy improved sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and energized.

Improved Mood

Achieve a greater sense of well-being and resilience.

Reduced Bloating

Notice reduced bloating and discomfort, leading to improved digestive comfort and confidence.

Digestion Changes

Experience smoother digestion and relief promoting overall gut health and wellness.

Symptom Management

Explore options that empower you to address vague symptoms effectively.

Brain Clarity

Enjoy improved mental clarity, focus, enhancing productivity.

Weight Stabilization

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight through personalized strategies and lifestyle modifications.

Don't believe us, believe them

I have learned that even small changes really made me feel better each day. I also learned that charting some goals and where I was at each day also made a big difference. The breathing and relaxation techniques continue to be helpful as I often find myself stressed during the work day.

I also want to thank Beth for helping me take time to focus on myself which in turn will make me stronger and healthier in the long run. I would recommend Nurse Beth's coaching to my friends, my family, and anyone who wanted to ask me questions about how I turned my health journey around with her help. Everyone can learn new tips and skills to improve their health through a nurse coach relationship.

- E.W. | Client

I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Beth. She's an exceptionally professional Nurse Coach, displaying immense care and professionalism in our coaching relationship. Beth has been an invaluable source of information, providing clarity to many of my questions. Always considerate and kind, she willingly shares her extensive knowledge.

- T.K. | Client

Elizabeth carefully listened to me and I felt heard and understood. She was able to address all my concerns with practical suggestions and doable goals. I appreciate that she sent a clear and concise email summary of our meetings to keep me on track. She was open to anything I wanted to discuss and has a holistic approach that includes all aspects of my life and how it can lead to better health.
Working with Elizabeth has kickstarted my commitment to pursuing radiant health. Her gentle encouragement and kind demeanor made me think that I had a partner that cared about me achieving my goals.

- K.W. | Client

The Program Benefits

Personalized Holistic Approach

Our program provides personalized coaching and holistic solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and goals. This individualized approach ensures that clients receive targeted support and guidance, leading to more effective outcomes and sustainable lifestyle changes. By addressing the root causes of health issues holistically, clients can achieve lasting vitality and well-being.

Comprehensive Support

and Education

We offer comprehensive support and education on various aspects of health and wellness, including optimal food choices, stress management, sleep optimization, and other lifestyle modifications. Clients receive evidence-based guidance and practical tools to empower them to make informed decisions and take control of their health. This comprehensive approach equips clients with the knowledge and resources they need to navigate their wellness journey with confidence and clarity.

*some services apply to Illinois residents only

Supportive & Empowering Partnerships

Our program fosters a supportive and empowering partnership between clients and our experienced nurse coach. Clients feel heard, understood, and supported every step of the way, creating a safe space for them to share their concerns and goals. With our guidance and encouragement, clients can create plans to overcome obstacles, celebrate victories, and progress towards their optimal health goals with confidence and accountability. This empowering partnership ensures that clients feel motivated and empowered to achieve transformative results.

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Testing

Our program includes access to comprehensive lab testing and functional medicine assessments when appropriate. These tests provide valuable insights into underlying imbalances and root causes of health issues, allowing for a more targeted and personalized approach to identify areas of concern and develop customized treatment plans tailored to each client's unique needs. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive the most effective and evidence-based interventions, leading to improved health outcomes and long-term wellness.

Meet Your New Coach

I am Beth Ereio, BSN, RN, NC, BCFMNS, BCFHC and Founder of Functional Health Partners. I am passionate about offering these services to you as I have personally and professionally witnessed the power and potential in this type of care. I believe we have the ability to restore our healthcare system one client at a time.

Client Experience

“By actively listening and creating a safe space for open communication, she fosters a trusting relationship with her clients, allowing them to openly express their thoughts, fears, and aspirations regarding their health and eating habits. Furthermore, her intuition and mindfulness skills are remarkable assets that significantly contribute to her effectiveness as a nurse coach. She possesses a keen intuition, allowing her to identify underlying issues or challenges hindering her clients' progress. This unique ability enables her to tailor her coaching approach to address individual needs, ensuring that her clients receive personalized care and support . . .her ability to establish a good rapport with her clients is a testament to her exceptional interpersonal skills. With her warm and friendly demeanor, she effortlessly connects with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her genuine care and understanding create a sense of trust and comfort, enabling her clients to feel valued and supported throughout their journey towards better health. In conclusion, this nurse coach's outstanding education, exceptional listening skills, intuition and mindfulness, ability to set boundaries, and establishing a good rapport make her an exemplary professional in her field. Her dedication to her client's well-being, extensive knowledge, and remarkable interpersonal skills set her apart as a nurse coach who genuinely impacts the lives of those she serves. Any individual fortunate enough to work with her can expect to receive the highest level of care and guidance on their journey towards a healthier and happier life.”

The Best Part...

Of partnering with Functional Health Partners is the unwavering support and guidance you'll receive every step of the way. I've been in a similar situation – feeling overwhelmed by health challenges and searching for answers. That's why I’m passionate about helping women like you reclaim their vitality and well-being. With our support, you'll have a compassionate professional by your side who truly understands your struggles and is dedicated to empowering you toward achieving optimal wellness goals. Together, we'll navigate through the ups and downs of your wellness journey, celebrating victories and overcoming obstacles together. You're not alone in this – we are here to support you, inspire you, and guide you towards your goals. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock your full potential!

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